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I've been playing with the Tailwind app for scheduling pinterest recently, and I have to say I really love it. At the moment the app is free, but there is a paid upgrade. I haven't paid, because for my purposes the free part works just fine. They have a referral scheme too. If you do end up using the paid version, you should check your dashboard for the referral link because if you share that with others you can get the premium version for free.

As well as scheduling posts, it also has a section for 'Tribes'. The tribes essentially give you free advertising in exchange for sharing content. For example, if I added this post to a 'tribe' for people who use social media tools, I would need to pin one or two of the other members posts in exchange for adding mine. Other people in the group would then share my post on their pinterests, giving me free advertising/exposure on pinterest. The beauty of pinterest is that it's not just shared that one time - if that person's followers like your content it get shared by them exponentially. Great for those of us trying to side hustle a little extra cash in a home business whilst we home educate our children.

With that in mind, I was looking for a home education tribe to join, so I could look through their content and see if there was anything useful, and there didn't appear to be one for the UK :-(

So I made one :-)

You can join it by clicking on the picture to the left. There's nothing much in there now (give me a break - I just created it!) but I hope you will consider joining and sharing resources, whilst advertising other home educating families businesses so that we can all generate a little income whilst we look after our kids and provide them with the best education we can.

Who knows? You might find something really useful that you didn't already know about it there one day; and if you don't, you still get to advertise your own education related content for free. If home ed isn't your thing (but you follow me anyway because you like nutrition or essential oils...) then you might like to make an account with tailwind anyway and join some different tribes. I'm creating another one for Christians in Network Marketing too.

Let me know what you think!


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