New Chickens!

This week we got some new chickens! The good news is that these lovely girls have a gorgeous temperament and have taken to looking after the chicks really nicely, which means everyone gets to hang out together in the day time (I'm still bringing the chicks indoors at night and if the weather turns cold, because they aren't fully feathered yet).

Big Mama

Big Sister




Before anyone complains about Burger's name, she is called that because Lila thinks she is the colour of a burned burger, and not for any sinister reason. These are egg laying birds, not being raised for meat!

They are all the most beautiful Orpington's and we got them from Noddy's Pure Breeds in Surrey. It's a bit of a drive for us, but totally worth it. The owner is so helpful and lovely, and you can see the birds are really well looked after. We'll definitely be back there in a few years when we need new birds. 


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