Diabetes and Your Liver

It’s well known that diabetes comes with complications, from kidney disease, nerve and blood vessel damage; to infections and heart disease, but many people are unaware of just how badly their livers can be affected.

According to Dr Gillian Booth, newly diagnosed diabetes is linked with a near doubling in the rate of cirrhosis, liver failure or transplant compared with non-diabetics; and patients do not have to be overweight for this to remain true.
Insulin resistance is the driving force behind fatty liver disease, and insulin resistance is also a fore-runner for type II diabetes. Although Type I diabetes is genetically acquired, by their mid-thirties these patients have usually developed insulin resistance as well (the exceptions being those who have stuck with rigid diet and exercise programs).

While most people believe diabetics struggle to produce insulin, the problem with most is that they actually have very high levels of insulin in the blood. As the insulin levels rise higher and higher, the body becomes less responsive and it loses it’s capacity to control blood sugar levels....

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