Reading Challenge 2017
A friend just pointed me towards this reading challenge for 2017 and I LOVE it.

Absolutely no idea where I'm going to find the time to do it, but I want to try. I'm going to get my son to try it too, and see if I can't diversify his reading a little bit from the standard Marvel/Star Wars/DC Comic stuff he is reading at the moment.

You can click on the picture to see the challenge up close, but here are the rules:

  1. The Light Reader. This plan has 13 books which sets a pace of 1 book every 4 weeks. 
  2. The Avid Reader. The Avid plan adds another 13 books which increases the pace to 1 book every 2 weeks.
  3. The Committed Reader. This plan adds a further 26 books, bringing the total to 52, or 1 book every week.
  4. The Obsessed Reader. The Obsessed plan doubles the total to 104 books which sets a demanding pace of 2 books every week.

Begin with the Light plan, which includes suggestions for 13 books. Choose those books and read them in any order, checking them off as you complete them. When you have finished those 13, advance to the Avid plan. Use the criteria there to choose another 13 books and read them in any order. Then it’s time to move to the Committed plan with a further 26 books. When you have completed the Committed plan (that’s 52 books so far!), you are ready to brave the Obsessed plan with its 104 books. Be sure to set your goal at the beginning of the year and pace yourself accordingly.

Use the #vtReadingChallenge to connect and to keep track of others on social media.


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