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This app, my friends, is a game changer. I learned about it from another parent who uses love and logic parenting styles.

First off, if you don't know what love and logic is, go buy a copy of this book and read it. You won't regret it, it's great. Then, if you have a specific need read these books for early years, teens, special needs, adoptive families etc.... there's even one specifically for teachers.
And then finally join this facebook group

You're welcome. 

Next, download the free Our Home app. Then make your husband and kids download it too. We've had it less than 48 hours and I already love it. It's basically a chore management system. You get to assign each family member a cute icon (or a photo, but where is the fun in that?) and then you create chores. 

Some chores can only be done by a specific person e.g. Brush hair is relevant to Lila, but not so much to Will. Others can be claimed by anyone in the family e.g. Unload the dishwasher. You can then set chores to recur e.g. No one can claim they tidied up the school room if someone else already did that today. 

Chores are assigned points e.g. 1 point for brushing your teeth. 5 points for for putting all the laundry away. If you hate a chore, assign it a high points value. My children actually had an argument about who got to clean the school room before bed last night. Not even joking. 

But what are points worth? Well, you get to decide!!

We've created a list with a wide range of rewards e.g. An ombar is worth 50 points.  Family swimming trip 500 points. 1000 points means mum or dad will come have a sleepover with you (that's a highly valued prize in our house right now, but I can see we might need to change that one as the kids get older 😉).

The best part is, you can make the rewards fun for you too, so one of ours is a date at the juice bar with parent (400 points), or seriously low effort (for 200 points my kids get to skip one day of handwriting practice).

This app has the potential to change nagging without bankrupting me in the process (I'm frequently told that my pocket money system was slave labour, but if I had put my prices up, my money oriented boy would have bankrupted me with chores!) and yes, in an ideal world there would be no chores and everyone would contribute as a member of the household... but here's the thing:
  1. that only works if you are all happy to live in the same standard. My husband and kids don't feel the need to have clear surfaces, so without incentives I won't get hem unless I do all the tidying up myself. Which sucks. 
  2. we all need to learn work ethics. You don't work for free. Well, unless you are a volunteer, but even then you probably choose to work somewhere that gives you a sense of satisfaction or meaningful results. There is always an exchange that you consider beneficial or you wouldn't do it.
Am I making my kids buy my love with the rewards?

Yes and no. I love my kids and will often throw in some of these rewards for free just because I want to bless them; but really this is no different from an "energy drain"* but it's a bit more visual and they can watch the accumulation of their actions. If you don't help me out and life is a battle, I will not have the energy to take you to the park. That's just real life consequences for lazy decision making.

Welcome to 21st Century parenting.

*If you don't know what an energy drain is, GO AND READ LOVE AND LOGIC


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