Catalyst: An interesting turn of events...

This weekend we went to Catalyst festival - I know. Crazy. Everyone kept telling me I was too sick to go, but I really needed to get out of the house and see some people.


Introverted me wanted to see people. That's how long I've been stuck in my house for. If you aren't sure what Catalyst is, click on the video below for a summary video of this week. The lovely people you see in the thumbnail are from our church :-)

So we were camping, and I was just sleeping through the meetings and getting to spend some time with church family in between, wrapped in a blanket on the most comfortable camping chair ever invented (thanks to Christine for emmigrating and leaving it behind). It was about as much effort as I could manage to walk to the bathrooms and back, but it was great. Absolutely and totally worth it for that alone.

It was taking a toll on my health though. I was staying up later than I should because I wanted to spend time with people and by Sunday night I realised I was taking a lot more pain killers than I had been at home, but I was still in quite a lot of pain. The vision in my right eye was now really blurry and I could feel the visual migraine symptoms creeping up higher and higher.

But on Monday night something else happened.

I was napping in the tent whilst everyone else was at an evening meeting, and during the meeting they asked the children to give 'words of knowledge'. If you don't know what this is, it's pretty simple, they literally ask God what He would like them to pray for. One little girl stood up and said there was a woman in the red zone (the area our church was camping in and where I was at that moment sleeping in my tent) with dizziness and a bad head. Several members of our church were like 'she's with us!' and my husband stood so they could pray. Then he text me to see how I was doing.

I'll be honest, the text woke me up so I didn't really respond beyond "Yeah, alright, I'm trying to sleep", but after that message I couldn't go back to sleep. I got up, went to the bathroom, walking in a straight line the whole way and decided to sit out in the chairs with our friend Andy who had put his kids to bed.

A short time later, after the meeting had ended, our church family came back to the tent to ask how I was doing. I suddenly realised I wasn't in any pain; not only that, but I was due to have pain relief an hour ago and I hadn't taken it because I was asleep. I covered my left eye and my right eye had totally clear vision.

In fact, the only sign that I had been ill at all for the last month was that my neck was still stiff/swollen. They asked if they could pray for that and I literally felt the swelling dissipate and I was now completely pain free.

Our church has seen plenty of healing in it's time, but everyone still celebrated like it was the first. Everyone, except me. I think I was in shock. I didn't really know how to respond, so I just sort of stood there. It was crazy.

So... Am I going to stop taking my supplements?

Well, I thought long and hard about it over the last two days and I've decided yes. I'm no longer taking any antibiotics or pain relief, and I'm going to get a blood test to confirm whether I can come off the levothyroxine, but the herbal supplements I'm going to continue with for another 21 days (the course of the treatment).

Why if I've been healed would I continue to do that?

Plant medicine, unlike pharmaceutical medications, doesn't have any catabolic effect on the body, meaning in short, that it won't hurt me. I only use whole food supplements and live probiotics, which are all good things that I would want my body to have any way.

When I first tried the GAPS diet I committed to doing six weeks and seeing what happened. I saw results in two. Medically speaking, that isn't possible and they say it will be 3-6 months before you start to notice improvements, but that was my experience. It was also my sons. He felt better within days.

I have always said that I thought that was a miracle. That God was kind, and in His grace and mercy he didn't allow us to experience the full extent of die-off reactions that we should have had. Why? Maybe because He knew I'd quit if I did. Maybe just because He was being merciful. I don't know why He did it, but I believe He did.

I've been sick for a long time, and I'm treating myself using plants that God gave us for healing (Ezekiel 47:12) that have no known adverse effects. Perhaps God in His mercy has healed me completely and I don't need them, but they won't do me any harm and they are only improving my nutrient profile (always good); or perhaps he is just sparing me the pain and the suffering now, but I still need to deal with the root cause - because I do know how.

Either way, I experienced a miracle, and I'm so happy to be back at full capacity, and so grateful to have spent my bank holiday with such amazing people.

Church family - I love you more than you know.


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