Brewing Kombucha

Mostly when I've talked about fermenting it's been sourdough, kefir or yoghurt related, but some of you who have been to my house might have tried my 'Vinegar soda' or Kombucha. It's an interesting taste, but one you get more and more addicted to as you drink it. A bit like my fire cider recipe. Those of you who have ever had a care package from me when you've got the flu know what I'm talking about ;-)

Still, despite knowing how to make kombucha, I had NO idea how much activity went on in my jar. I used the continuous brew method and got a scoby from a friend, but Donna Schwenk has done an amazing time lapse video of her growing a scoby in a week and it's so awesome.

I'm seriously impressed with how much life there is going on in there. It's inspired me that I might do a time lapse of my Water Kefir some day. Those things are bubbling away the entire time you are watching them so I think they'd look incredible on high speed.

If you are looking for a jar for your continuous brew, this one is a pretty good price on amazon and it's a really good size. Watch out for the cheaper kilner jars, they are smaller than you expect, the big kilner jars are all £20-30.

    Happy fermenting!


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