Yoga - it's not just for girls

The yoga class here every morning is brutal. Today we had to do a bar workout using the wall of the salaa as a bar.

That's fine if you are pretty tall, but as the shortest person in the class getting my leg up to nearly chest height before we even start the stretches was seriously challenging. 

To begin with I said it was to tall and the yogi scoffed and said "Thai people are shorter than you", but after about five minutes of struggling he decided to give me a lower bar. 

He is seriously the bendiest person I've ever met. He even puts this guy to shame:

Yesterday he started the class with "today it's hot. It's good to do cardio when hot. You get better results" then proceeded to do some kind of body combat class. Who on earth decides the best day to do cardio is the hottest day??

At the end he apologised. "Oh I forgot it's Sunday. I'm supposed to make class easy on Sunday. Give you rest. Oh well."

He frequently stops the class to tell us we are all doing it wrong before he starts again and by the end of the class even Matt is sweating and shaking. 

In fact, Matt quite likes yoga, he even admitted to thinking it was a bit "girly" before, but now recognises it's a serious core workout. 

I hate it. 
It hurts. 
And if he says "no pain, no gain little missy" to me one more time someone is definitely going to get hurt. 

Probably me.


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