Thai Massage

Today I had my first ever Thai massage. Our chiropractor had warned us "no funny stuff, don't let anybody walk on your back" but that ultimately having a daily massage is going to do our backs a lot of good. 

This isn't the kind of massage I was taught at school. It's very pokey, and pressing more than stroking. 

I wore a swimsuit, as the massages are performed outside on a deck by the beach, with a dress that I could easily remove - expecting that the masseuse would ask me to "undress to my level of comfort" as I have always done with my clients. Actually though, this massage is performed through clothes, and whilst the masseuse did everything he could to preserve my dignity (the massage was performed through an opaque silk scarf) it would have been a lot easier for both of us if i had just worn shorts or leggings. 

It started out kind of like the end of a chiropractic adjustment, just pressing on acupressure points etc... But turned into some kind of assisted yoga with the masseuse pushing and pulling me into all kinds of positions. 

It's oddly relaxing, although painful at times, but I highly recommend it. 


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