We did our first day of snorkelling today and this beach is seriously teaming with life - including plenty of sea urchins and anemones, so best not to put your feet down until you've got clear googles and you can check! 

There's also lots of hermit crabs, some of the tiniest I've ever seen all over the place, but once you get into the seaweedy areas, that's where all the fish are hiding. 

This morning I saw several blue tang:

A handful of yellow tang 
And two of the cutest little angel fish I've ever seen:

I don't have an underwater camera unfortunately, so I stole these images from google. 

There was also tonnes of little brown and white fish, but I don't know what they're called. 

I seriously love snorkelling and I think it's the one of the best holiday activities you can do. Firstly - swimming is good exercise, which we all know is good for you health. Secondly - you are bathing in salt water, literally copious amounts of transdermal magnesium and other trace minerals seeping in through your skin. Thirdly - when you put your face under water, you automagically lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate right down. Fourthly - it's relaxing and de-stressing. 

Just make sure you aren't doing it at mid day. The water feels cool, but you will still burn!!!


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