Ten years...

It's nearly time!! 

Matt and I have said goodbye to the kids and we are off on our way to our juicing retreat!! 

I've been following the resort we are going to on Instagram for a little while, getting myself all excited with their photos. 

Some of my more fashionable London friends have been telling me that a juicing holiday is a "thing" now. That all the cool kids are doing it to recover from their hectic toxic lifestyles before going back to their hectic toxic lifestyles. 

The thing is, it's not that for us. We just wanted to go away somewhere together and relax. Being people who are conscious about what we eat from a health and an ethical point of view, it's not that easy. In fact, I told Matt that most of the holidays we were looking at we're going to be more work for me than just staying at home, because sourcing good food when you don't have any of your normal suppliers and you've gained a language barrier is not easy. Going all inclusive seemed an easy way to relax, but most all inclusive holidays are basically a buffet of carbs, sugar and unethically raised meats. 

That's when we hit on the idea of a detox holiday, and once we started looking, we were sold on a juice fast. 

Well, I say "we"...

Realistically, I was sold on a juice fast. Matt took a little convincing. What's not to love about sunrise yoga classes and a massage every afternoon? And just look at that beach...

We are massive fans of Thai food, so being in Thailand and not eating seemed unthinkable, but luckily we're stopping in Bangkok on the way there and back, so we can certainly fit in two meals. 

Happy ten year anniversary to us! A decade of marriage deserves to be celebrated. 


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