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I noticed an advert in my Facebook feed last week, that jumped out at me because for the first time it was actually relevant to content I'm interested in!

It was an advert for a company called Natural Blender who deliver smoothie ingredients and recipes to your door. A bit like a veg box scheme, but everything is already portioned up for easy throw it in the blender meals in seconds. You know, if you are someone who is willing to accept a drink as a meal.

I'm totally that person.

If I"m honest, my first thought was, 'I already juice using fruits and veg from my regular box scheme,  so... how could this be different?'

My second thought was 'oooh... a £10 voucher, well I could just do one week to get some cheap, organic, groceries...' (I've linked to the voucher on the Restoration Health page if anyone else wants to try it).

By the time my box arrived I was super excited about the fact that they would have new recipes I hadn't tried before, because to be honest, I'm kind of stuck in a carrot/cabbage/apple/ginger/lemon rut. It's delicious, but laziness basically makes me go for the same juice every time.

Firstly, let's clear up the difference between a juice and a smoothie.

Juice is a great way of getting high amounts of nutrition from fruits and vegetables very quickly. It's really easy on your digestion and your body uses pretty much everything in your juice. The downside of this is that with all the fibre removed, if you are are only juicing fruits, you are going to end up with a sugar spike.

The best way to deal with this is to drink mostly vegetable juice. For example, if I'm making 500ml of juice, I expect 400-450ml of that to be from my cabbage, carrot and ginger. The apple and lemon are for flavour, but shouldn't make up too much of the juice.

The beauty of a smoothie is that the fibre is left in. This slows down digestion and helps stabilise sugar levels. The downside of this is that you feel full quickly, so you have less. I could happily juice 8-10 carrots and drink them in one sitting. This is a mega dose of vitamin A by anyones standards - well, beta carotene actually, which is a precursor to vitamin A, so don't worry, you can't have too much - If you tried to drink a smoothie with 10 carrots in it, I'm not sure anyone could manage that.

Back to Natural Blender:

Yesterday my box arrived and I decided to make the 'Detox Smoothie' which you can see pictured to the right.

The recipe contained courgette, orange, kiwi, basil, chia seeds and water/ice.

The little card tells me that it contains "3 of you 5 day", Vitamins A, C & K; Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium; Fibre and Vegan.

I'm not sure it contained any actual 'vegans', but whatever.

I actually really like the recipe cards, with a little spotlight on what they call 'Superfoods' explaining about the Omega fatty acids in the chia seeds.

This isn't just convenient, they are actually educating. I'm becoming more and more of a fan.

The detox smoothie was weirdly savoury, yet pleasant (I think it was the basil) and the most vibrant green I think I've ever seen.

As a juice drinker, it was a bit thick for my liking, so I ended up thinning it out with some coconut water kefir, but it was still delicious.

This morning I made 'Morning Passion' which I knew was going to be a hit because I love anything with passionfruit in it. The recipe officially contained spinach, passionfruit, banana, desiccated coconut, ceylon cinnamon, water and ice. As expected, it was delicious, but again, far too thick for my liking, so I added some water kefir. No harm done, and to be honest, a probiotic smoothie is even better than a smoothie, right?

In case you have started to notice a theme, I tend to see recipes more as 'suggestions' than directions. I also didn't have any ice because I took it all to a casino night for my friends birthday last night, so I used some frozen strawberries instead. I'm not sure this really helped with how thick the smoothie was, so I actually ended up adding nearly 500ml of coconut water.

The taste was amazing and the recipe card assures me that I got a good dose of nutrients including copper and iron this time.

I'll update you with more smoothies through the week, but so far my verdict is good. Even just doing it for a week has been worth it to try something new and think about new flavours to put together. at £24.50 a box I"m not sure it's a sustainable regular purchase for our family, but it is super convenient to have all the ingredients portioned out, ready to go. I might be swayed. for £14.50 it's definitely been worth it and in terms of getting a few new recipe ideas when I was starting to get a little lazy with my creativity it might be something I return to now and then when I need some fresh inspiration.

They didn't ask me for this review, but I like helping businesses that I consider to be doing a good job, so if you want to know more about them, please check out their website.


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