Berried treasure

Today's smoothie was a mixture of book choy, pear, blueberries, almonds and Camu Camu. 

I literally had no idea what Camu Camu was. 

Apparently it's a spice. 

I think it's pretty mild tasting as the smoothie tastes mostly of berries and almonds, but it's worth slinging in there for its nutritional benefits. All spices tend to have high antioxidant capacities, and this is no exception. It's mood balancing and contains really high levels of vitamin C. In fact, this smoothie contains 60% of your RDA of vitamin C - not that I believe in RDAs, but I think it's useful to see them as a minimum goal rather than a limit. So long as you are using whole natural foods to get your vitamin content, you don't need to worry about toxicity. 

This smoothie also contains vitamins A,K, E and B2, as well as a good amount of omega 3. 

Blending almonds is tough if you don't have a good blender, and and to be honest, they contain quite a lot of phyto X acid, so I recommend soaking them over night and rinsing before adding to your smoothie. It's one little extra step, but it makes a big difference. 

My little ones LOVED today's smoothie - annoyingly for me as I hadn't intended to share. These boxes are good for one person, but personally I think natural blender need to bring out a family box... Maybe with some kind of bulk discount...? 


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