Having a Growth Mind Set

If you haven't seen any of the RSA Animate videos, you should definitely check them out.

They just released a new one with a lecture by Carol Dweck, entitled "How to Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential" and it's great, have a listen:

What struck me about this is how often my children don't want to try something unless they know they can succeed at it. It's a fixed mind set, and if I'm honest, it probably came from me praising them incorrectly when they were small, or just not correcting the balance of other people praising them.

When you have a 10 month old, who can READ, there is a never ending supply of well meaning people cooing and telling him how clever he is. Not wanting my daughter to feel left out I did the same to her. Interestingly, when I watched this video with my now seven year old son (perfect timing as he had just quit on a project that he had decided was too hard for him in floods of tears) I could see him identifying with the fixed mindset group. When it finished we sat in silence for a minute before he said "I'm gonna go try that again". So it seems the 'fixed' mindset is not 'fixed' for life. Lucky for this mama, I get a do over!

It got me thinking though; when she talks about the group that chose the harder tasks, how they grew and learned and developed, whilst the group that wouldn't try anything more difficult found even the simple tasks overwhelming, how important it is to try and fail, to struggle and not have everything come too easy, because we benefit from it.

Why does God allow us to suffer?
Because suffering produces endurance; endurance, character; and character, hope... because He doesn't want us to get a fixed mind set that says I'm stuck here, I've reached my potential and I can't go any further. Because it's for His glory to see us not just justified and then glorified, but also sanctified. We are works in progress and we have to try and fail because it is good for us. We have to struggle because it improves us.


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