Restoration Health Christmas Party

It's a super busy time of year, and I didn't expect much response from an invite to ANOTHER event in December, but I wanted to do something lovely for all of Restoration Health's customers, clients and partners.

It's been an absolute whirlwind from me deciding to actually launch this back in July up until now and I'm so grateful for everyone who has been involved, either as a client, a therapist or an encourager. Some of you have been so generous, not just with your money, but with your time and you wisdom. You've listened to me prattle on about my vision and why I think this project is so important and most of the time you haven't looked like you wanted to be somewhere else or talk about something else.

The craft fair at Kings House was amazing and I had so much fun partnering with Christine and Kirsty to sell handmade products and raise awareness for our brand.

Last night we threw a little party for those who have been involved, and honestly it was so lovely that I think I might do it every year. We taste tested some different probiotics, we smelled essential oil samples, we sat around an open fire and we chatted the night away. It was a great opportunity to answer questions and share vision and what we as a team are about, to give exciting hints about things that might be coming up in the new year(!) and to share some bacteria.

Yeah, that happened.

Everyone who attended got a cute little jar of my kefir babies to take home and have a play with, and there was a special gift for the client who had spent the most money with us this year. Prizes are fun, but actually it was so great just to be with people who have invested in us, and to get to thank them and introduce them to others who are also on a journey towards restoring their health.



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