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I've been a very busy bee over this summer and I have something very exciting to tell you about. I've been collaborating together with several amazing therapists in various disciplines and we are so excited to be launching Restoration Health.

We're a small team, but hoping to grow and we have a few more people looking to join us in the near future. Currently we are boasting two nutritionists, two massage therapists, aromatherapist, reflexologist and a physiotherapist/modified Pilates instructor! Being able to consult with one another is a fantastic way for us to maximise how effectively we work with our clients and ensure that you are getting the best care possible from each member of the team. We also plan to run classes at various points throughout the year, in the hope that we can educate people to enjoy a healthier way of life with their families, rather than relying on us for treatments. These may be taught by us, but will also include us hosting some experts in various holistic therapies. 

If you live locally (in/around Bedford), these are all available to you! If you live a little further away, you can have phone consultations around nutrition and aromatherapy, but long distance massage doesn't really work!

We also hope to build the page into a free resource centre. You can 'follow' us on facebook, and we'll be posting tips and articles to help you start learning more about how to restore your health, without ever having to pay out a penny for a session with us. 

Our vision is to help as many people as possible on their journey to restoring their health and we only work with others who have the same passion, whatever their discipline or area of expertise. 

You can look out for us on twitter too, @restorationheal tweets about all areas of health, but if you have a specific concern, you might want to follow Restoration Nutrition, Restoration Oils or Restoration Pilates.  We hope to be adding more disciplines soon, but I'll let you know when we do. 

Finally, you can follow Restoration Health for inspiration on Pinterest, or just follow specific boards that you are interested in. As I said earlier, it's all very new, but we are hoping to build useful content that will become a great resource for people who want to take positive steps towards better health. 

I hope you'll find it useful. 


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