Home education encouragement day

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Home education encouragement day in Madeley, with two other fantastic home educating mummies, and get to hear Dr Voddie Baucham speaking. 
I'll own that I've not actually heard of him before, although one of the ladies I went with was a super fan - and now I can see why. 
Dr Baucham doesn't shy away from difficult topics and the Q&A session at the end certainly didn't either; his answers were always based in scripture, always bathed in compassion and always delivered with humility. It was wonderful to spend a day sitting under his teaching and being both challenged and inspired. 
But the thing that struck me most, was how many families had attended all together. 
We'd arranged for our husbands to stay home with the children so we could go, but there were children of all ages present, some sat in through the seminars, some were outside playing games with the children's team, but all looked like they were having a fantastic time. 
It was lovely to see the older children watching the younger ones and huge games of stuck in the mud and tag happening outside. 
Next year we will definitely attend as a family. My children would have loved it. 
The book stall was also fantastic, and as well as spending a lot of money on books, I've got a long wish list of literature that I intend to buy for my children soon! 


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