We're off!!

Today we're heading off on an adventure for a couple of weeks to visit family in South Africa. The children are very excited as this is the first time they are old enough to remember being on an air plane.

Their rather generous granny has also bought them carry on luggage each in really cute designs which they are quickly filling up with pens and activity books and snuggly toys, so hopefully we will be thoroughly entertained for the 12 hour flight and mummy might even get a little nap in... I can always hope...

Whilst we are there we are going to catch up with some of Matt's cousins who have had children that we've not met yet, and also my baby sister who is going to have a baby soon too. I haven't seen her in a really long time and she has a new puppy that I'm super excited about.

I'm warned that although there's no malaria about, and they are heading into winter, there are still mosquito's around, so I'm going to be packing some home made sunscreen with bug repelling oils.

My recipe this time is:
All of these essential oils are bug repellent and have a synergistic effect (meaning that the more varieties you use, the more effective each one is). To find out more about how to purchase these oils click here. 

They also have a soothing effect, so if anyone does get bitten, my sunscreen can double up as bite cream!


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