The Great Sleep Experiment: Days 14-20

All was going well until day 18 when I got a migraine. It was a bit of a surprise as I haven't had one in a really long time, but there were some other stress factors so it shouldn't have been too shocking. I try not to use migraine medication anymore, as I'm fairly certain over use was one of the causes of the increasing frequency of my migraines in the first place.

Instead I chose to inhale some oils (Peppermint and Valor) for some instant relief and sleep it off. Unfortunately, with it only being 7.10pm this was far too early for my strict sleep training regime.

Still, I slept correctly the next night and I feel great today. I've also been able to join back in with my Hello Mornings girls on twitter who I had missed interacting with.

Tomorrow is the big day, the end of my sleep training. Will I be continuing...?
I'll let you know tomorrow!


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