The Great Sleep Experiment: Day Ten

Day ten of the great sleep experiment; last night I nearly missed my bed time!

I was at TSM, a course run by our church, and we had 'courage group' time (it's like a small group) at the end. I hadn't seen the ladies in my group for a long time, and we all had a lot to share. Embarrassingly, despite loving them and wanting to hear their stories, I realised I was struggling to keep my eye open at about 9:50pm. My body is taking the routine really seriously. We are supposed to finish at 10pm, but you always bump into somebody to talk to on the way out.

When I finally got home, Matt wanted to tell me about some stuff that had happened in the house, and then a friend started texting me about arrangements for a get together this afternoon. All of this culminated in me only getting into bed at 10:35pm. It's only five minutes late, but boy did I feel it.

It wasn't "I'm so tired I'm going to cry" which is how tired sometimes used to make me feel. It was more "I'm so tired my eyes are closing whilst I'm talking to you". I looked a lot like Elisha does in this video.


I still woke up on time this morning and felt fresh. It's crazy how quickly my body is getting used to going to bed at a set time.

My oil of choice this morning is thieves, because a lot of sick people are around and I want to make sure I don't come down with their viruses whilst I'm trying to sleep train. A day in bed with man-flu/cold would not help my experiment!


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