The Great Sleep Experiment: Day Nine and Iodine

It seems darker outside this morning than it did yesterday. That can't be true, it should be getting lighter, but it's 5:29am and it still looks pretty much pitch black outside.

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Day nine of my sleep experiment is pretty good. I was feeling a little sleepy this morning, but a big glass of lemon water and some essential oils in the diffuser soon had me feeling nice and awake. I'm hoping the children sleep in today as they were both up late crying after boys/girls brigade. The late night (it's only one hour later than they normally go to bed) does not suit them at all well and once they get themselves upset it takes so long to calm them down and get them to sleep that it ends up being 2-2.5 hours later than they would normally sleep.

Later today we have a two hour sports for my son, so that will be interesting.

At least I'm feeling well rested. It's easier to be lovely to tired, stressed out children when you are well rested, and strangely, despite having less sleep now than I was having a few weeks ago, I genuinely feel better rested. I guess that's all that serotonin my body is making for me now that I'm getting better quality sleep.

I said before that I felt my iodine levels might not be great, which would explain high cholesterol and low thyroid function (cholesterol and iodine are the building blocks of T3 and T4 hormone. If my cholesterol is elevated but there's no T3 and T4 it might be because I don't have enough iodine for my body to make any). Part of the reason for this is that since I can't eat sushi on GAPS I don't eat any seaweed of sea vegetables. I know I could eat them, but really, it's just not a regular part of our diet. So I bought some chlorella to try and add to my juice in the mornings, but honestly the stuff tastes so foul I can't do it. I seriously recommend buying the tablets and not the powder if you want to try it.

In the meantime I decided to do the iodine painting test. So I got my hands on some lugols 12% solution and painted it on. Then I painted the kids because they wanted 'tattoos' as well. Mine lasted about two hours. The kids lasted around twelve.

The good news is that absorbing iodine like this through the skin is actually a pretty good way to supplement it, so I just keep painting it back on. At some point my 'tattoo' is going to last around 24 hours and I'll know that I have enough iodine in my system.

Easy peasy and it doesn't taste like pond water (sorry chlorella).


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