The Great Sleep Experiment: Day Four

If you want to know what the sleep experiment is click here.

We had friends over for dinner last night and it was really fun. They left at 10:30pm which was perfect and I raced upstairs to jump into bed. All well and good, but I hadn't followed all of the rules of sleep training properly as I'd been drinking socially until about 10:00pm and you are supposed to stop liquids by 8:30pm.

You wouldn't think this would be a massive problem, but I was woken up by the need to pee at 2:30am so I obviously didn't get my planned six hour perfect sleep cycle. I still feel pretty god though with my diffuser on wafting out my custom wake up blend of oils.

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Yesterday was a really good day, I didn't feel tired at all, despite driving on a really boring motorway to take my kids to a skiing class miles away. That's surely the true test of tiredness - are you able to concentrate on a motorway? I passed with flying colours and came home with plenty of pep to start cooking and entertain guests.

The best part though is that my kids are really enjoying their sleep training too. I'm not restricting how many hours they sleep, but taking away screens and tech at 3pm and turning off night lights to make the room completely black has been enough to have a profound effect on their sleep patterns - and they are thanking me for it.

My verdict on sleep training so far is that everyone should do it. Yes, I feel tired when the alarm goes off (apparently I won't even need to set an alarm at the end of 21 days, I'll just wake up) but it doesn't take too long to wake up and I feel really productive and happy throughout the rest of the day.

Who'd have thought the answer to feeling tired was less sleep?


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