The Great Sleep experiment: Day Eleven

This is day eleven of the great sleep experiment. I'm over halfway!!

Honestly, I'm getting a little bored of writing these posts. Not because it isn't going well, it really is, just that how many times can you say 'yep, I feel good'? so... I'm going to stop now. I'll update maybe every few days instead of daily.
Last night I broke my habit a little and watched 20 minutes of TV with Matt right before bed. I felt like it was only a little bit and it couldn't do much harm. It did though, and it took me ages to fall asleep. Won't be making that mistake again.

Lots of people have been asking about my daughters hair and how I got the colours in it. It's super easy.

I split the hair into four layers working upward from the the base/neck. Clip up the top three sections. I then used blue on the bottom third, violet in the middle and pink to the top (staying an inch or two away from her scalp. I don't want chemicals on her skin). Release the next layer and do the same. by working in layers like this, there is no obvious join where the colour changes and you get a lovely fade at the end.

Hair before

hair after
hair in sunlight
We also rinsed her hair over the bath, rather than having a full on shower/bath as I prefer the dye not to touch her skin. She is loving the comments she is getting about it and I love that she is getting to express her personality a bit through it. The joy of homeschool!


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