The Great Sleep Experiment: Day eight

Yes, I know I missed day seven. It was a Sunday and I took a day off. Not a day off from sleep training, because that wouldn't work, just a day off from blogging about it.

I'm pleased to report that after the last two mornings I have woken up just before my alarm and I feel really good. Absolutely ready for bed at 10pm, but not dog tired first thing in the mornings. In fact, the mornings are getting more and more enjoyable.

In fact, the evenings are getting more enjoyable too. Even though I'm tired, I get to do sewing projects and laundry and all the other tasks that I normally struggle to fit into a day. Mindless tasks that don't require my active brain are perfect for the evenings. I'm fairly certain my serotonin levels must be increasing because a) those tasks were definitely not enjoyable before and b) my base metabolic rate is slowly increasing which means my thyroid and adrenals must be starting to balance themselves... without the natural desiccated thyroid!

In ayurvedic medicine the early morning times are considered the best times for learning. It's certainly when I feel the brightest and more able to do good quality research. It's a super productive time for me and I'm pretty much decided now that after 21 days I will definitely be sticking with it.

This bodes well for our holiday to South Africa in a few weeks (eek! So excited!!) because my sister and her husband are super early risers and I was a little concerned that we might be living in different time zones, despite the fact that there's technically only one hour difference.

This morning I am diffusing Idaho Blue Spruce, which might actually be my new favourite oil. It's a great morning, with lots of limonene (think citrus fruit fragrance, limes, lemons, grapefruit, mandarin...) and alpha-pinene which is really woody and herbal and is used to aid concentration and productivity.


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