Spring is in the Air!!

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It's spring time! How could anyone not be excited about that? I love winter, up until Christmas and New year, but after that there's a slump where it seems to just drag on until it's finally warm enough to start planting!!

We were fortunate enough to be given a large greenhouse this year. It's got a few broken panels which I'm hoping to replace shortly and then I can get started with growing. I love how much time we can spend in the garden in the warmer weather.

Some people think I'm all about diet and food (I am a little bit), or health (yeah, I guess I'm a bit obsessed with that too) but I also have a passion for creation. Yes, gardening is sort of an extension both of those other things (because if you grow your own food you will have an improved diet and be healthier) but it's about so much more than that. It's about respecting and caring for the earth. It's about giving something back so that in years to come, when we don't live here, someone else moves in and is blessed by it.

I know a family with a secret gardeners club (I can't tell you who because then it wouldn't be a secret!). They buy wild flower seeds and daffodil bulbs. When they see an area of ugly waste land that isn't being used they go plant them. That's beautiful.

Not only does it improve the look of the area, but it provides a food source for pollinators and helps to sustain a little ecosystem.

If you are new to gardening, or even just new to growing food, I highly recommend the 'Grow Your Own Food' Summit. I watched it last year (when it first aired it was free for one week) and it was absolutely brilliant. You can sign up and watch some of it for free now, but they are running a special promotion at the moment where you can receive all the presentations and tonnes of books and advice worth over $500 for $20-30. That's about £13-20,

If you want to get excited about the growing season, it's definitely worth a look. Joel Salatin and Marjory Wildcraft are just two of the amazing speakers who you will learn heaps from, and like I said, just sign up for the free part first. It only costs your email address and you can always block them if you think they are too spammy (they aren't. I signed up a year ago and I rarely hear from them).

This week we have propagated some lemongrass, planted a few more fruit trees, some rhubarb crowns, eucalyptus and lavender. I also started some tomato seeds in our smaller greenhouse. I know it might be too early, but I have loads of them so I'll just plant more if they fail.

I also bought some woad to plant. Most people only know woad as a blue dye, or something to do with braveheart, but it's actually a pretty valuable addition to your medicine cabinet and it's super easy to grow. The Herbal Academy of New England says it's "Antiviral (broad spectrum), Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Astringent, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitic, Anti-histamine, Anti-leukemic, Anti-tumour, Anti-oxidant, Detoxifier, Antipyretic, Cyto-inhibitory, Regenerates mucus membranes and heals ulcerations of the mucosa, Anti-proliferative and cytotoxic to cancer cells" Wow!

Anecdotally I know it's used as a flu remedy and is great for reducing a fever, so it's always handy to have some in your garden. Woad seeds are really cheap on amazon but they also have little plants available if you are not too sure about growing from scratch. 


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