Pear and Vanilla Noatmeal

One of my little ones is stuck in a rut at the moment, believing that he can only have chocolate milk for breakfast.

It's not that I'm against chocolate milk. We make a super healthy one with raw milk and cream, cacao and honey. It's more that with him having autistic tendencies I try not to let anything become a rule that we are bound to live by (for more on how we are recovering from autistic spectrum disorder see my posts on GAPS).

So I've been trying to tempt him to try something else. He said it had to be new. No more breakfast cookies or baked custard. 

We had a surplus of pears, so that is how I came up with "pear and vanilla Noatmeal".

We don't eat grains, so this is a perfect alternative to porridge, full of healthy ingredients. 

4 cups of pears, chopped
2 tbsp of butter
4 tbsp milled chia seeds
1 tbsp coconut flour
1tbsp vanilla essence
Juice of one lemon
2 tsp cinnamon 

Mix it all together and simmer slowly until everything is soft. Feel free to vary the quantities. This isn't like baking where the mix can be too wet or too dry and ruin the outcome. Just play around until you get a texture you are happy with. 

My daughter enjoyed this with a big dollop of double cream. 

I had it with Greek yoghurt.

My son ate it plain. 

We all agreed it was delicious.


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