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Our church is running a series on money right now.  You can listen to  it on the Kings Arms Church Podcasts. It's the ones with the "Treasure Principal" logo in the pictures.

It's been a great reminder to pray for our finances and new businesses...etc... with each other. We are 'blessed to be a blessing' and it's amazing to see how God gives to us so that we can live generous lives with others.

I love money. Not in a 'let me hold it all and stash it away to never see the light again' way, but I love talking about money. I love budgets. I love charts and graphs that show me in a tangible way where my money is going. If you haven't tried YNAB yet you should absolutely give it a try. (After your free trial make sure you click through here to buy so that you get your discount!) It's equal part convicting (that giving section of the pie chart looks a lot smaller when you place it next to groceries...) and exciting (Hey! It wasn't that hard to make the pie section a little bigger). It is the best feeling when you've been doing YNAB for a while and you can look at those reports and say 'I am genuinely happy that my finances reflect the priorities I want them to'.

And it creates freedom to spend! If there's money in the budget category, go wild! You already made a decision about how much you were going to allocate to that at the beginning of the month.

With all this in mind (you know, my love of money) I want to introduce you to a new blog I found this morning called Christian Personal Finance. I know there are loads of Dave Ramsey fans out there, and I think he's great too, but I just stumbled across this at 5 am and I love it.

First off, it has a "free four week email course containing 20 lessons that will give you actionable steps to help you save hundreds of pounds a year, get out of debt, better organize your finances and help you begin planning and preparing for the future"

Secondly, it has a blog which I've been reading for the last hour which is full of so much wisdom and practical help. I love that the comments section goes wild after each one with people honorably discussing and debating the issues, yet never in a nasty way. There's often as much wisdom in there as the article. It genuinely is a community of christians who want to live debt-free and give more.

Thirdly, although I love YNAB there are other budgeting softwares out there that are genuinely free. Ugly, but free, Christian Personal Finance has them all reviewed under the 'free stuff' tab of the website. If you haven't budgetted in the past, but you don't want to invest in YNAB, this is worth a shot first. If it doesn't work out, don't be put off budgeting, just try a new software. The honest answer is that the freeware doesn't have as much time put into building it, so it's never going to be as easy to use as a paid version.

Go forth and pursue financial freedom!

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