What you need to know about your thyroid PART TWO

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If you missed part one - click here.

So, I'm on to calming my adrenals. How do I do that?
Well, firstly I need to find out what is stressing my body out and try to reduce that. I say reduce because your body needs a healthy amount of stress. If you spend too long in space with no gravity your bones start to deteriorate. They need weight bearing exercise to build strength. That doesn't mean you smash them to make the stronger. Your adrenals are going to work in the same way. We want healthy stress levels. i.e. low level stress that is intermittent - not continued for long periods of time.

For me this is going to mean trying to get to bed earlier. I'm fairly confident my body needs more sleep. Our job makes that more difficult as Matt or I has to stay up late to check all the boys are in bed and lock up, but we could take turns.

I'm going to start actively meditating/praying. Too much of my 'quiet times' are spent researching or studying. I love to study God's word, but my body also needs rest without mental exertion. I want to commit to trying to relax and meditate/pray for at least 50% of my quiet times rather than actively praying/studying in the way that I have been.

I'm also going to stick to my 'do it now' or 'first and fast' principle. It's how I work best. It's not for everyone and I know my husband finds it frustrating when I flit from task to task, but when he tells me something can wait, it hangs over me in the back of my mind creating low level stress. If it takes me two minutes to answer an email, I'd rather lose two minutes answering it than notice it and plan two minutes to do it later in the week and be thinking about it all that time. I've been spending too much time procrastinating tasks that could easily be accomplished if I just got on with it.

I'm going to supplement iodine, to make sure that I have enough. I tried adding chlorella to my morning smoothie but it made me want to vomit. You might have more luck, but painting is an easy way to check you levels and supplement as necessary. Simply paint on some iodine in a circle the size of 10p piece and then watch it for 24 hours. If it disappears, you are deficient. The faster it goes, the worse your condition. Keep painting it on until it improves.

I also strongly suspect that I have far too much oestrogen, from a hormone therapy I have been on since my youngest was born. I've made an appointment to see my GP about stopping it. I'm also going to be supporting my adrenals in producing progesterone with progessance oil from Young Living as soon as it comes back into stock.

I'm also using 'peace and calming' and 'stress away' oils regularly by diffusing them. You can order oils from me, on the young living website or become a distributor to get discounts for yourself.

I'm confident that one of the main causes of inflammation in the body is sugar and gluten. Since we have been on GAPS I don't eat either of these things, but if you do and you are having problems you should consider cutting them out. One of the main premises of the GAPS diet is that you are suffering from 'leaky gut syndrome'. Tiny tears in the gut lining are letting small particles of food into the blood stream undigested and the body recognises them as pathogens. This leads to an immune response. The body thinks it's under attack. A stress response.

Where this becomes really dangerous, if your body develops an immune response to gluten and casein, is that the proteins in the thyroid look really similar to those two proteins, so the body can begin to attack the thyroid tissue leading to hashimoto's thyroiditis. Don't believe the body would attack a similar looking protein? Then why do we produce vaccinations? They are designed to 'teach' the immune system what to look for. It's the same principle.

Another major cause of inflammation is synthetic iron supplements. Don't take mutlivitamin supplements, they are full of it! Also any bread, cereals, juice etc... that claim to be 'fortified' are full of synthetic iron. It builds up in your system and becomes an endocrine disruptor. If you need more iron, try to get it from your diet. Liver is an excellent source and it's cheap. If you can't handle eating organ meats, get it in pill form - just make sure it's natural, not synthetic.

Hopefully what you can see is that the long and miserable list of symptoms of hypothyroid are an intelligent bodies response to physical, chemical and emotional stress. Our body is trying to tell us something. We just need to work out what it is. Your journey will look different to mine, but with a little thought and determination, you can probably fix your problem without the need for a lifetime of prescription drugs, and if you need help or ideas, I'm happy to brainstorm with you.
image taken from Dr Bergman's video


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