Hot and Sour Crumble

So cold in fact, that my daughter has taken to just sitting next to the radiator.

I'd fight her for the spot, but I'm sitting next to the oven. 

Big old houses are great in the summer, but in the winter the single glazing really bares it's teeth. 

To keep warm, I'm all about soups and broths. Sometimes not even for a meal. I just make them as a snack. To be honest, you can never eat enough bone broth, so this is probably a good thing. 

Another way to keep warm is to make a delicious fruit crumble. My daughter is allergic to apples, so the traditional crumble is out. We make pear crumbles quite a lot, but I haven't got any pears at the moment. This crumble was born out of 'what fruit do we have that's not banana?' (I don't like cooked banana unless it's in banana bread). 

What we had was limes, kiwis and a punnet of frozen raspberries, so sour crumble was born. 

I used this shortbread recipe for the top, but left out the coconut sugar and vanilla. The bottom was created by my daughter, just raspberries and kiwis chopped together, then two, juiced, limes (whole - leave the skin on and throw them through the juicer, the depth of flavour is so much better that way) and blobbed a bit of honey over the whole thing. Two to three tablespoons across a 9" square pan full. 
Image source
Finally, smash up the shortbread you made all over the top and add a few blobs of butter strategically over it and bake at 140c for about 30-45 minutes, or until all the fruit mixture is bubbling.

This is really sour, but really good. Both my children loved it, although one poured half a gallon of double cream over it first. I imagine it would taste amazing with ice cream, but unfortunately I didn't have any in the freezer.

I'd love to show you a picture, because the colour was amazing, but unfortunately one of the kids discovered a new star wars lego game so now my phone has no battery.

It looks something like this (which I stole from Princess Misia - I'm sure her crumble is very good too, but it isn't grain or sugar free):


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