You Need a Budget

Seriously, you do.

Organising your money and making a budget might sound boring, but honestly, it brings freedom to your spending in ways I could not have imagined. Before YNAB I used to think budgeting meant that you had to eat 8p packs of noodles and never go out with friends. Now that we actually budget, I've realised that it means assigning every penny a job, so when I see that gorgeous new top for Lila, or that lego set for Will, I can look in the 'clothing' category, or the 'spending money' category, see if we have room for it in the budget.

It means that when the dog impales himself on a piece of scrap metal, I don't flinch at the vet bill and don't even bother with the insurance because we have money in the 'dog' category.

It means that when the dishwasher breaks down and we need a new one, I can just buy that. I don't need to wait and discuss with Matt whether we can afford this, because it's in our 'household emergency' category; if it's in the budget, we already agreed to set that money aside for things like this. I can see in real time what's been spent and what hasn't and Matt can see what I'm spending too. It's given us a level of accountability that we just didn't have before (adding up receipts at the end of the month when you can't remember what things were for is not always helpful!) and discussions at the beginning of the month, were we can plan spending are so much more helpful than at the end of the month were all you can do is look on at your bank balance in disappointment.

I've often heard people in church say, 'let me see your bank statement and I'll tell you what you worship', because where we spend is usually where our hearts lie. YNAB's reports at the end of each month are both horribly convicting and empowering. Seeing a large pie chart telling you what you spent in each category makes a great visual, and has certainly changed our spending over the last year.

If you're local and you want to chat YNAB, come on over. I'm passionate about it.

If you're not local, you should check it out on YouTube, they have tonnes of tutorials.

If you sign up with this link, I can give you a bit of a discount, and in exchange YNAB give me a little thank you too. 


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