Girls Day

Matt has taken William and a friend camping for Exeat weekend, so Elisha and I have some free time. After running a few errands in town we decided to have a day of kitchen experiments (don't you just love those?).

Today we have made Kezia's delicious crepes, but we didn't have any arrowroot powder, so tapioca flour was subbed in. Turned out great anyway (phew!). For those still on full GAPS, these are NOT legal. Tapioca flour and arrow root are both off the list, but as we've completed two years now, I felt that the small amount in this recipe would be fine for our family.

Then we went on to make cauliflower hummus, but... no lime, so we used food grade lemon essential oil in water - good news, it was delicious! We used onion salt too, and subbed the olive oil for avocado oil. I have no idea what the original recipe was supposed to taste like, so I can't tell you if this is better, but it was great. 

We made some more elderberry Kombucha, which is fast becoming one of Lila's favourite drinks and I topped up a bottle of lacto-fermented apple juice I'm culturing for William. 

Finally we made chocolate soup (because this is a girl's weekend and we need something sweet to go on our banana ice cream whilst we watch the Tinkerbell movie).

It was all so quick  and easy, and my little helper was so interested and genuinely helpful (apart from eating all the butter...) because without her big brother to play with I think she was feeling a little needy. 

In other news, my new white curtains finally arrived so I got to put them up in the school room. 

Now I'm trying to debate whether I should use Lila's bed time to relax and have a bath, or finally paint the ceiling....

I do so love a productive day!


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