Grow Your Own Food Summit

Anyone interested in learning more about growing your own food?
I totally am, and I'm super excited about this free online event where you can watch some amazing speakers for free! Joel Salatin is going to be speaking and I can't wait. Here's the blurb:
JoelSalatin"The Grow Your Own Food Summit will teach food growing people, both novices and experts, how to improve the world more than any other event in the last decade. Learn step-by-step instructions for what you can do today to put healthy, trusted food on your table in the future! Plus, it’s ONLINE and FREE from July 7-14, 2014.
Enthusiastic food growers and community builders, Valerie Kausen and Gary Heine, have created 34 presentations to show you how growing your own food can change your life. This event is truly for everyone… because growing your own food contributes to improved health and connected community. It’s also an activity for the whole family that builds friendships in your neighborhood as you share each other’s skills and interests

You can buy all the videos after the summit if you miss some, but if you are super organised you can just watch them as they stream.
Here are a few of the speakers:
  • The Good Food Revolution is Here… Take Action!, by Will Allen, Founder, Growing Power; Winner, McArthur Genius Grant; Farmer; Author, Speaker
  • Why Our Current Food System “Just Ain’t Normal” and How to Change It, by Joel Salatin, Sustainable, Maverick Farmer; Lecturer; Author (personal favourite of mine!)
  • How Mushrooms Created, and Can Save, the Living World!, by Paul Stamets, World-renowned Mushroom Researcher; Inventor; Entrepreneur
  • Saving Seeds, Growing Food and Ending GMOs Can Save the World, by Vandana Shiva, World-renowned Indian Activist
  • The Food Revolution and How GMOs are Disrupting It, by Ocean Robbins, Co-founder, Food Revolution Network; Author, Speaker, Educator

If you register today you'll get a free gift, but also an email to remind you when the talks go live each day :-)
Enjoy fellow gardeners!


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