Ice Cream Recipes!

It's been sunny recently, so it's time to post an ice cream recipe! 

This recipe can be adjusted several ways, so I'll just give you my basic vanilla first, and then some ideas to mix it up a bit.

This ice cream is refined sugar free, grain free, real food creamy deliciousness that is all GAPS legal so you and the kids can enjoy plenty guilt free :-) 

300ml (preferably raw) cream
9 eggs
1 cup of raw honey (preferably runny, if it's crystallised you may need to hear it gently)
2-3 vanilla pods and a shot of vodka

Separate your eggs and whip the whites until stiff in a blender.

In a separate bowl whip your cream until stiff.

In a third bowl mix together vanilla essence, honey and eggs.

(If you are using fresh vanilla pods and vodka, blend this all together for a few minutes then pour through a sieve to get rid of large bits of pod).

Fold in the cream carefully.

Stir in half the egg whites.

Fold in the last of the egg whites and freeze.

Don't skip the vodka or your ice cream will be a rock hard block of ice. One shot in a quantity like this isn't going to get anyone drunk. Use potato vodka if you really need this to be totally grain free.

Now for the variations...

1) "Stracciatella" add raw cocoa nibs
2) "Mint Choc Chip" add raw cocoa nibs and a few drops of peppermint essential oil
3) "Chocolate" stir some raw cocoa powder into the honey and eggs at the beginning
4) "Raspberry ripple" lightly stir through some homemade chia seed jam right before you freeze
5) "Strawberry" blend a punnet of strawberries with the honey and eggs at the beginning.
6) "Bananutter" blend 1/2 cup of peanut butter in with eggs and honey at the beginning. Chop bananas and stir through at the end.

I'm sure you can think if more. 

If you need any serving suggestions, Lila recommends melting your ice cream on hot pancakes. 


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