Geoff Lawton and Permaculture

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Geoff Lawton changed the way I garden. Seriously. 

If you haven't heard of permaculture you need to sign up and watch his videos. If you love permaculture, you need to sign up and watch his videos. If you've heard of permaculture but you don't know how you feel about it... what is wrong with you? 

My love of permaculture started a while back, with Allan Savory and others, but Geoff Lawton's videos cover such a wide range of topics in such practical detail that I just can't get enough of them and he is releasing more all the time. He's even inspired me to risk keeping our chickens 'grain free' and convinced me to an edible pond in the back garden.

You have to sign up to his emails to be able to watch the videos, but I promise it's not spammy. He literally tells you when he's posted a new one, and trust me - you'll want to know. 



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