Today I was blessed...

Today I was so blessed by a truly wonderful woman.

She offered to give me a facial, for free, and I tried to turn it down because I felt guilty about not having the money to buy the products she sells (which incidentally are amazing!) but she didn't back down.

She told me she felt like God had prompted her to give me a free facial and she really wanted to do it - even knowing that I wouldn't buy anything from her.

I've been a little stressed recently, and my skin is certainly showing it, so I tearfully and gratefully accepted.

Whilst she massaged my skin she prayed for me. 

I cannot tell you how much better I felt. Not just because my skin felt amazing, but because I really needed that little touch and care.

And I remembered why I studied complimentary medicine. I remembered how healing massage is to emotional needs as well as the topical skin care. I remembered how I wanted to pray for my clients whilst I worked. And I remembered how important meaningful touch is. 

So tonight when I put my kids eczema cream on I spent a little extra time rubbing it in.

So many of us forget the power of touch, and there's so much research to say that it's damaging our mental health as a nation. 

Make the effort to touch someone (not in a dodgy way!!!) just a hand on the arm when you say thank you, and pay on the back when you congratulate them... It doesn't need to be huge. Ask God to give you opportunities to encourage someone with a loving hand. 

Some people go through their whole lives deprived of the kind of physical connection that others take for granted. 

In the meantime, if you are interested, it's the tropic skin care range that my friend Christine is selling. It's totally vegan and natural (hooray for those of us on GAPS) and honestly works as well (if not better) than many if the chemical laden professional products that I trained with. 

I don't get a commission for this. I just genuinely like it, so if you're interested drop me an email and I'll get Christine I contact with you. 

She is an awesome lady, and you'll be glad to know her. 


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