Small Change: Making Tea Without Bleach

All the best teas are loose leaf. Fact.

And in recent months I found out that even when I buy organic, no GMO, fairly traded tea... That's only the actual tea leaves we are talking about. The paper bag is often full of bleaches and chemicals etc... 


So I was so pleased when one of the Malaysian boys in our house gave me some unbleached, fabric tea bags he brought from home. 

Now I can make tea, in a single cup, without the hassle of cleaning out my tea maid :0)

You simply fill the bag (I used dried lavender)...

... Then flip the top over like a pillow case. 

And now you have lavender tea :0) 

It's a lovely delicate flavour, and actually, this is perfect for brewing up teas from my medicinal herb garden too. 

I'm not sure where you can buy these in the uk, so... If anyone knows, leave me a message in the comments! 

Or alternatively, if anyone is handy with a sewing machine and has some spare time, I've pretty much just given you a unique business idea. If you start selling it, let me know. I'll be your first customer. 


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