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We've been concerned about the safety of cosmetics and working on reducing the chemicals in our lives and regular readers will know that we've experimented with everything from shampoo to toothpaste, medicine to surface spray.

Recently I was inspired by the idea of a 'paperless kitchen' that I saw on pinterest. The idea of going completely paperless is something I'm not sure I can handle laundry wise just yet, I was impressed. I had heard of paperless offices, in fact Oticon was one of my case studies when I studied business and management, but a paperless home? That was impressive.

Making cute little napkins to use instead of baby wipes (my current go to for sticky hands and wiping up the dinner table after a toddler has eaten) were easy enough. Little squares cut from old pillowcases, stitched together then turned inside out. I stitched around the edges to, to make sure they stayed looking crisp. The whole operation took less than 30 minutes to make 16 and cost virtually nothing as I already had the material in my fabric stash.

If you want a more detailed tutorial 'DIY Your way' has a better one that I'm going to give you, but in the meantime here are some cute pictures to inspire you that cloth napkins really are much nicer than paper
 How to Make Cloth Napkins at

But what really struck me about the paperless kitchen article was when she pointed out how soft cloth handkerchiefs were when compared with paper ones.

It doesn't seem to matter how soft tissues are, when you have a cold, your nose gets red and raw. Or is that just me?

I'm picky about tissues. I need the brand-name-balm-covered type or my sensitive skin will be cracked and bleeding within hours.

But what is in those tissues? Surprise, surprise our old friend SLS (sodium Lauryl Sulfate)  rears it's ugly head again. Why would we put something that irritates skin, respiratory system and EYES in a facial tissue?

And there are a whole host of other nasties in there too.

Words. fail. me.

The good news is, making handkerchiefs is as easy as making cloth napkins. Choose some super soft cotton and follow the same tutorial, just cutting them a little smaller :o)

The added bonus is that if your family are prone to allergies you will know the frustration of finding scrunched up tissues in their pockets after clothes have been through the laundry - you can be free from tiny tissue specks over all your clean clothes!

Did I mention it's also budget friendly? And you are basically saving the planet single handedly buy not using paper.

Use handkerchiefs :o)

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