Captain Barnacles Fish Biscuits

My children spent a few days with their granny this week, who kindly bought them a Cbeebies magazine each. 

My son chose octonauts and has had great fun working through all the activities, and he was so good at skipping the recipe page because 'the recipe has potato in and I can't eat that'. 

A quick glance told me we could substitute a few ingredients, and so without further ado I give you...
Captain Barnacles GAPS legal fish biscuits! 

**disclaimer: these are more like fish cakes, but my kids are calling them biscuits to be more octonauts-like**

You will need:
180g smoked salmon
One medium roasted butternut squash
2 onions 
2 eggs
Juice of one lemon
4 tbsp coconut flour
1 pinch Italian herbs
Salt and pepper
Lots of butter 

Throw everything (bar the butter) into your food processor and blend. 

Now shape little fish and fry them in butter. 

Easy peasy.

I think you probably could use any fish (the original recipe called for any cooked fish, but we used what we had) but between the salmon and the squash you get a gorgeous orange colour that is so like the processed kid food of the 90s that I remember, which is kind of fun. 


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