For the Love of Grapefruit!

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I used to hate grapefruit, with a passion. I couldn't understand how people could ruin a perfectly lovely fruit salad by adding grapefruit to it. It's bitterness pervades everything and spoils the delicious sweetness of everything else. I watched other people mounding sugar on grapefruit and I was convinced that no-one actually liked them, they were just masking the flavour as best they could and eating it for the 'health benefits' although I know of little to none that could be gained after heaping that amount of sugar on them.

Then Abel & Cole sent me some grapefruits, and hating wastage I tried them, and they were nice! Turns out real, organic, healthy grapefruit tastes nothing like the nasty, mouth-puckering, bitter ones you buy in the supermarket. Who knew?

Anyway, summer's here and I've been playing with my fruit and herb combos again, enjoying blackcurrant sage and raspberry cocktails, watermelon and mint smoothie... delicious.

Here are my top five grapefruit combinations, for those of you who think you don't like grapefruit, you might like to try one of these:

1) Grapefruit and Basil
2) Grapefruit and Corriander/Cilantro
3) Grapefruit and Mint (mint goes with everything fruity)
4) Grapefruit and Lemon verbana
5) Grapefruit and Thyme

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My favourite way to serve is simply to juice these combinations and serve them poured over ice, but you could also make a sorbet/granitas or even reduce to a syrup and add it to soda water for something a little more fancy.

In case you need a little more incentive to try it, here are some of the health benefits associated with grapefruit:

Vitamin C - Just half a grapefruit contains over 73% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C!
Lycopene - Red and pink grapefruits contain large amounts of lycopene, the antioxidant that is most potent in fighting free radicals and preventing tissue damage in the body.
Liminoids - Liminoids in grapefruit help promote production of the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase, which makes toxic compounds more soluble for the body to excrete.
pH levels - drinking grapefruit juice regularly has been found to reduce the rate of kidney stones in patients sensitive to oxalates.
Naringenin - a compound in grapefruit has been found to help the body repair DNA damage in cancer cells.

It's all good reasons to put grapefruit back on the menu, and remember that each of the herbs has their own health benefits too, so you could be making something really great for yourself nutritionally.

Let me know if you come up with any other great combinations. Tarragon has been suggested, but I haven't tried it myself yet. 


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