Real Food Jelly

Jelly is so simple to make and so versatile it's a wonder that we ever buy those sugar and chemical laden packets in the supermarket, but believe it or not I use to get through several a week. I'd like to say my son had most of them, but it wouldn't be true. I used to just melt a few squares in hot water and drink it like tea!

Thank goodness Whittards introduced me to real fruit teas!!

Since changing my sugar consuming habits, we haven't had any jelly in the house, in fact, when I made this yesterday my nearly three year old didn't know what it was and eyed it up suspiciously!

It's so simple to make, and you can change up the fruit to whatever you have to had to make endlessly exciting combinations. There are a few fruits that don't work (pineapple for instance) because of their high enzyme content, but mostly you should be okay.

Jelly is a great way to get gelatin into your kids too, especially if they are so great at drinking bone broths. Why would you want to? Click here to find out, otherwise just move on and accept that it's good for you :o)

Take two cups of water and rind of eight oranges and simmer in a pan for 5 minutes to release the oils. Try to avoid the bitter white parts. 
Whilst it's simmering juice the oranges that you took the rind from. 

Remove from the heat, strain the liquid and stir in 6 tbsp of grass fed gelatin.
This is the correct time to add sweetener if you are going to. I recommend acacia honey. Since we switched to this from blended honey I can use less than half the amount I used to in each recipe because it is so sweet - great bit of knowledge from my friendly neighborhood beekeeper. 
Just stir it in whilst it's warm and test for sweetness.
Next add in the juice that you just squeezed and pour into a jelly mold.
I didn't have a jelly mold, so I just used a big bowl. It works fine though.
Refrigerate until set.


Just in time too, because my littlest one is going to be three soon(!) and what is a kids party without jelly, right?


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