Enzymatic Cleaners: The Results

Remember when I made my own enzyme cleaner?

Well, it hasn't been three months yet, but close enough.

The dog was unwell and I had the pleasant task of cleaning out his crate. Time to unbottle my first batch of enzymatic cleaner!!

I used 7/8 cup of brown sugar, four cups of water and 2.5 cups of pineapple, lemon and orange rinds in my DIY pickl-it jar to ferment my very first batch of cleaner.

The verdict?

Pretty good!

It smells alcoholic, so I know it fermented, but I wouldn't say it's a smell I love. More like fermented pineapple juice and less like the chemical lemon-y fresh I've been conditioned to over the years.  Obviously it's better than dog accidents though!

It cleaned up really well and left no sticky residue, and there have been no more accidents or sniffing around in the crate, so I consider it a success!

Now I have larger batches on the brew...

In other news, this week I discovered Cashew nut butter. It's a creamy dreamy heaven that is delicious even to me (and I hate peanut butter). It's also cheaper than almond butter. :0)


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