Cheese and Chives

Did anyone else love primula's cheese and chive spread as a kid?
It was amazing, and with an abundance of chives in my garden I decided it was time to create the real food version. 

Happy to experiment a little, it actually turned out to be super simple! My version is a little runny and probably more of a dip than a spread, but that works well seeing as how I don't have any bread to spread it on anyway. Think if it as a veggie dip, and if you are super organised you could dehydrate veggie crisps to dip in it :0)

Here's the recipe:

150g cream cheese (bonus points if you make your own
1/4 cup of raw milk 
A pinch of good quality sea salt
A handful of fresh chives 

Snip up the chives, whisk into all the other ingredients. 

Easy peasy. 


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