Resurrection Year Book Review

Sheridan Voysey's 'Resurrection Year' launches today and I highly recommended it.

The first part is hard to read, as Sheridan and his wife struggle through infertility and failed adoption process for ten years, you read journal extracts and its heart wrenching. I know I've said it before, but this book really brings home again the fact that children are a blessing, not a right and as much as we hope to adopt in the future, there are no guarantees.

However the whole point of the book is that we serve a God of resurrection, One who was dead but now is alive, and that when our dreams and our visions for our lives die, He can bring new things from the ashes.

Sheridan and his wife embark on a 'resurrection year' journey, and reading through as they wrestle with the 'whys' of God letting their dream for a family go unfulfilled is thought provoking, but ultimately leads back to the same answer you always start with - I don't know, but God is in control and I trust Him.

Go get the book, it's a great read and I'm sure you'll love it! 


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