Hot Cinnamon Smoothie!

My family LOVE the luscious juice bar in town. It's one of the few places a GAPS family can always find something good to eat. Getting a cold fruit juice or smoothie on a hot summers day is such a treat, but the Juice bar has gone a step further - hot juices and smoothies. As this seems to be some kind of eternal winter period we have got stuck in (it's April! Why is there still snow in my yard?!!) hot juices and smoothies have become one of our favourite treats.

Will enjoys a 'Cinnamon Twist' which is a pear and apple smoothie, with cinnamon (obviously), heated up by the milk frother on their fancy coffee machine.
My personal favourite is the 'cure for all' which is hot apple and lemon juice with cloves.

Imagine our disappointment then, when my sister and I sent our husbands out to bring home juices, only to find that the juice bar was closed for building works :0(

Not willing to miss out on a hot smoothie now that I had the idea in my brain, we set to work creating one, which went really well! I don't have a fancy coffee machine, but it turns out you can just heat it in a saucepan.

Here's our latest recipe:

50% Mango
30% Blackcurrants
20% Banana
10% Kefir
a pinch of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey

Warm it in a pan (not too hot, it will damage the kefir's probiotic benefits).


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