God speaks, even in the chaos

This morning I was part of our church worship team, and to be honest, there was some chaos.

That's not the team's fault, it's totally mine. Rehearsal went really smoothly, but part way through the first song I realised that despite being on silent, my phone still flashes a light when someone rings, and I was blinding the front row.

The caller, I have no idea who it was because they blocked their number, proceeded to ring me repeatedly until I turned my phone off (it was nearly three songs before I got the opportunity).

We'd prayed for everyone to get really stuck into the worship, and they did - but the dancing meant that my water bottle was tipped off the music stand and onto the keyboard I was playing - which is very expensive and doesn't belong to me.

I managed to keep playing one handed whilst madly mopping up water with my sleeve, but in the chaos I was finding it hard to connect with God myself.

I've been mildly unwell, just a cold, for a few weeks now, my head was pounding and I felt like I was going to struggle to stay awake in the sermon, so I prayed they wouldn't call us up again at the end.

Actually, our pastor brought an amazing sermon, and suddenly I felt like God was speaking to me again (I know, theologically speaking He never stopped, but it's how I felt).

We were called up to play again at the end. It was chaotic, and unplanned, and we couldn't find the right key... But it was fine and instead of feeling alone and incompetent, God was with me, and my band mates were too.

In fact, some random stranger even came and found me after the service, to tell me that God was wanting to speak to me today, and girl from my small group told me Jesus was speaking to me before the service. She was actually joking about something else that had happened, but looking back I guess God was repeating Himself all along, louder and louder, until I listened.


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