FREE Organic Vegetable Box

A little while ago we stopped using Abel & Cole. I was convinced that I could do shopping cheaper from Waitrose.
The things is, I couldn't.

In fact, our grocery bills shot up by nearly £170 a month!!!

I don't think the food at Waitrose is more expensive, it's just that I don't have the self-discipline to shop frugally. It's better for us if food arrives in a set quantity each week.

Interestingly, when we use a box scheme, my children will eat pretty much anything. I tell them it's what came in the box and I don't have anything else to offer them. They won't accept this answer when we've been to the shops.

So we are back getting our veggie box scheme, and we've joined a meat box scheme with well hung meat (this works out really well as they send us free offal, "pet mince" and bones for Cooper!)

Now, here's the freebie -
The first three people to contact me with their email address, will be sent a code for a FREE fruit, veg or fruit and veg box from Abel & Cole.

You can test run it, with no obligation to buy afterwards and see if having a veg box is something that you're family would like.

The only catch is you must be a new customer who had never used Abel and cole before.

So send me a message and start enjoying your fresh, seasonal, organic veg :0)


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