Feeding the birds

Along my creation care theme, my son recently made a bird feeder at boys brigade. They talked about how the winter had been very long and hard for the birds, so they wanted to help them out a little with some food. 

Our bird feeder fell apart the first time there was a breeze. 

Undeterred, my son was desperate to see some birds so we picked up a window bird feeder like this one:
photo credit
We filled it with three different kinds of seeds and we even named it the 'bird cafe', but for weeks it saw no bird customers. 

Then we got Cooper. 

I'm sure part of the appeal is that the neighbourhood cats now stay out of garden, but the birds don't seem to be coming for the seed. Every time I groom Cooper I am left with massive amounts of black fluffy hair, which we put in the bird cafe so that the birds could line their nests for extra warmth. Well, I can groom that dog several times a day, but within 10 minutes of filling that cafe, the birds have emptied it again. 

Turns out the dog hair is more popular than the bird seed. 

Who knew?

I don't blame the birds, though - it has been very cold and as an added bonus their nests will smell of dog and hopefully keep the cats away!!

Added bonus for us - more birds in the garden to keep the pests down, meaning we grow more organic food efficiently... providing Cooper doesn't eat or trample it first!



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