7 Reasons I Love Dr Bronner

I love the Dr Bronner company! It's so rare to find a product that I love and feel good about buying, but Dr Bronner products are not only excellent, they are one of a very few truly ethical companies around.

Here are just some of the reasons I love them:

1. They are made from fairly traded ingredients, hopefully it should be fairly obvious why this is a plus.

2. The ingredients are organic and contain nothing synthetic - so it fits in with my attempts to cut down on the number of chemicals used in our household.

3. They are generous - all profits that aren't needed to be reinvested into the company (at least one-third) are donated to charity.

4. They treat their employees fairly - executive compensation is capped at 5:1 meaning that no one within the company can earn more than 5x what anyone else is earning. If some big executive wants to increase his salary, he has to raise everyone else's as well. I like that in this economy, where too often the rich get richer off the backs of their poorer employees.

5. It smells amazing - so far we've used the citrus castile soap, the rose castile soap and the citrus hair rinse. They have all been incredible.

6. It works - for so many things! From shampoo to washing liquid, dishwasher detergent and dog shampoo to toothpaste(!) this stuff is great.

Since we got Cooper I find myself washing my hands a lot more (he's just so darn licky) and I started to get sore around my knuckles. I think it's contact dermatitis, I used to get it when I worked in a salon. I switched from using out normal soap to Dr Bronner's rose Castile soap and the first wash they felt soothed, less dry and much happier hands. Plus they smell lovely.

7. It's good for the planet - apart from being fairly traded and organic, they also come in fully biodegradable bottles and cleverly concentrated, so that there is less packaging waste. For example, the hair rinse should be diluted one capful (approx 15ml?) to 1 cup (250ml) of water. This means less household rubbish and less energy wasted processing it.

I'm not affiliated with the company in any way, I just love them, and I wanted to share. We buy their products off Amazon (because I'm a prime customer and I get free next day delivery) but you can buy them other places too.

Just be sure to buy the big bottles - it works out cheaper.

And once you have tried it you'll be addicted!


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