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This term we have been using BrainPop Jr a lot in our home school. It's brilliant and one of my children's favourite stories has been that of Harriet Tubman.
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I'm not sure how much Elisha can follow of the story, but William has certainly understood. His concept of slavery was first developed after listening to Lamplighter stories like 'The Captive' and 'Charlie's Choice'.

The concept of de-humanising someone to the point of slavery was so alien to my son that at first he insisted 'It's just a story though, right mum? That couldn't really happen.' And despite my best efforts to convince him, he accepted that it *might* have happened a really long time ago, but not any more. 

Harriet Tubman surprised him. Previously examples of slavery I'd shown him included the Israelites in Egypt and Babylon, and somehow he'd assumed that only Egyptian cultures enslaved people. He couldn't believe that it had happened in america too - and so recently. 

'But it never happened in England though, right?'

It's so difficult to have these conversations with your children any way, I don't want to scare him. I've pledged not to lie to my kids, but the truth is so ugly, so depraved and so horrifying. Campaigns like A21 and stop the traffik do such an amazing work raising awareness of these things, but the resources aren't appropriate to show my five and two year old. 

The sad truth is that human trafficking goes on today, right on our doorstep. The saddest part is that we probably come into contact with trafficked and don't even notice - the signs of forced labour exploitation can be difficult to read. The good news is that you don't have to be 100% sure to report to crimestoppers. They will piece together information from several people, and whilst what you've seen may be nothing, it may also be the crucial tipping point to starting an investigation. 

I'm so grateful that our church are going to be hosting a Human Trafficking Awareness Training day on the 10th of April. It's a free event and you even get a free latte/cappuccino/tea and homemade cake. The sessions are 10am-11.30am or 6pm-7.30pm and you can register here. 


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