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I've had a lot of questions about why we drive over 20 miles to see a dentist when there are three on the street we live on. It's a reasonable question.

The reason is that I wanted to see a holistic dentist.

I think I've probably already lost some readers with that last sentence.

That's fine. I'm really happy to see a dentist who understands where we are at with GAPS, why we are doing it, and wants to support our oral health and overall health in the best way he can.

It all came about after I listened to the HealThy Mouth Summit talks a few months ago. There was so much information to take in, but here's the main changes I committed myself to:

1) We started including Fermented Cod liver oil in our diets. I'd previously thought it was 'going the extra mile' on GAPS and probably not something I wanted to spend extra money on. However, knowing now what I do about remineralising teeth I think it's much more important.

2) I will not be weaning my children off milk. In fact, I've probably started drinking more myself. Keeping calcium and phosphorous in balance in the body is extremely important for tooth health, and milk (particularly raw) is an excellent source of it. We ordered some cultures to make kefir, so we don't need to worry about over consumption of milk sugars, and I throw cultured milk in smoothies, salad dressings, sauces and making regular ice cream desserts!

3) We've ditched toothpaste all together. I know. We sound like crazy hippies.
I've been concerned about the ingredients in toothpaste for a long time, my children use a fluoride-free organic toothpaste, but it still contains glycerin. I've not used toothpaste for nearly a year and my teeth are much less sensitive for it.
Now that I am confident it's not doing me any harm, I'm ready to take that step with my kids.

4) We'll probably never go back to eating grains.
Even soaked.
Even after GAPS.

Yes, my kids will be allowed to eat the odd bit of wheat at a friends house, but we will not be including it regularly in our diet at home.

It's disappointing, because I really enjoyed making sourdough loaves and pancakes and donuts and muffins and... I digress. The thing is the evidence suggests that modern grains just aren't good for us, unless prepared in very labour intensive ways that I just don't have the time or energy for. It's not worth it to me whilst my children are so small.

Maybe when they are more self sufficient if I find myself with more time on my hands (which seems unlikely)!

5) I will be attempting to remove vegetable oils in our diet.
Even raw in a salad dressing.

Whilst I have previously believed that heating the oils was not good for us, I hadn't realised quite how they behaved even in their raw state. These vegetable oils not only behave like a toxin, they have the ability to rapidly reproduce in the body, tearing what they need from your good fat supplies, meaning that 'just a little bit' can become a heck of a lot in a matter of minutes without you doing anything. This is going to be particularly hard to avoid because although I'm capable of making my own peanut butter etc... my son has a serious raisin addiction, and they are always stored in... vegetable oil.

Anyhow... The point of this post wasn't to tell you about what you'd missed, but about what's coming up!

I'm super excited about the HealThy Life Summit at the end of March!

It's a free online event, just like the HealThy Mouth Summit, the lectures will be available for 24 hours only, so make sure you sign up to receive the email reminders.

I'm particularly looking forward to hearing:
Sally Fallon (of nourishing traditions) speaking on feeding and caring for children
Brandon Sheard on how to butcher at home (we're hoping to get a deer soon)
Dr Kaayla Daniel on Soy products (we don't eat them, but she is hilariously entertaining)
Mary Cordaro on creating healthy homes
Matt Stone on comfort foods and rest
Jenny McGruther on making real food affordable
and so many more.

For a full list of speakers and their areas of expertise click here.


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